Virtual WorkStation
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Virtual WorkStation (or Vitus Wagner's Spice) is set of script wrappers to QEMU/KVM intened to use on notebooks or developer's workstations, where few virtual machines exist, these machines are seldom created and guest OS configurations are carefully tuned.

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17.jul.2018 Version 0.6 released

vws is distributed under terms of GNU Public License version 3 or above

Main objectives:

Current state

Now project reached stage, where simple scripts can be easily installed and manage collection of dozens of virtual machines.

For more than year it is used to maintain build farm for one big crossplatform project.

See Concepts for whole picture how to use it.

Project Phases

  1. Collect Useful tips about QEMU - done, but additions are welcome
  2. Write simple scripts - done, but there is always room to perfection
  3. Write GUI to control virtual machine though monitor - future
  4. Add graphic console to GUI using pygtk spice widget - futire