2016-05-25 Victor WagnerWrote make dist target master REL_0_95
2016-05-25 Victor WagnerMerge branch 'master' of wagner.pp.ru/git/oss/catdoc
2016-05-25 Victor WagnerAdded all the history to NEWS file
2016-04-28 Victor WagnerMerge branch 'master' of wagner.pp.ru/git/oss/catdoc
2016-04-28 Victor WagnerFix couple of errors from coverity scan
2016-04-27 Victor WagnerFix resource leak
2016-04-27 Victor WagnerMerge branch 'master' of wagner.pp.ru/git/oss/catdoc
2016-04-27 Victor WagnerFix resource leaks found by cppcheck
2016-04-27 Victor WagnerFixed incorrect handling of NULLs in check_charset
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerSome typo fixes in README
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerMerge branch 'master' of wagner.pp.ru/git/oss/catdoc
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerFix some warnings from Turbo C 2.0
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerFix bug introduced when fixed segfaults, found by CLang...
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerFixed (some) segmentation faults when parsing broken...
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerAdd detection of ZIP-archive and report that this type...
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerMore uses of uint16_t instead of short
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerApplied most patches from Debian package. Rewrote confi...
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerAdded new versions of charset files, fixes license...
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerMake clang static analyzer 3.5 happy
2016-04-26 Victor WagnerFix vulnerability in rtfread.c:getNumber. Rewrote null...
2015-10-07 Victor WagnerFixed some warnings produced by GCC 4.9.2
2014-11-01 Victor WagnerRemove clever hack which relies on udefined behavoir...
2006-10-17 Victor WagnerImplemented
2006-10-17 Victor WagnerImported fixes from debian bug 327905
2006-10-17 Victor WagnerFix debian bug 363541
2006-10-17 Victor WagnerFix bug #2 - process some escape sequences properly...
2006-10-17 Victor WagnerFix bug #1 - avoid broken UTF-8 at line breaks
2006-07-19 Victor WagnerSet catdoc version to 0.94.3
2006-07-18 Victor WagnerErroneusly inserted data removed
2006-07-18 Victor WagnerSimular fix in reader.c
2006-07-18 Victor WagnerFixed buffer overflow on very-very long RTF paragraphs.
2006-02-25 Victor WagnerFixed build of postscript docs for catppt REL_0_94_2
2006-02-25 Victor WagnerRegenerated configure
2006-02-25 Victor WagnerNow searches root entry by entry type, not by name
2006-02-24 Victor WagnerRecreated CVS repository from working copy REL_0_94_1 fromlynx