Удхам Баи
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Udham Bai – (c1705 – 1754) Mughal queen Udham Bai was the daughter of Farrukh-Siyar, and had been trained as a public dancing girl. She caught the attention of the Emperor Muhammad Shah (1719 – 1748) who made her his mistress and then his official queen. Despite her elevation in status, her private life remained scandalous, though she exerted considerable influence over political affairs. With her husband’s death (1748) her son Ahmad Shah Bahadur (1725 – 1775) succeeded to the Mughal throne, and granted her many extravagant titles. However the queen mother’s personal predilection for men scandalized the court, especially when she became enamoured of the eunuch Javid Khan, who was later killed (1752). She did nothing to strengthen her son’s hold on the throne, suffered when he was ousted from power by Nadir Shah (June, 1754). The queen was imprisoned and died in captivity soon afterwards. Ahmad Shah was blinded and remained a prisoner until his death twenty years later.

Двоюродная сестра, а таже любовница, потом жена Мохаммад-Шаха

Очевидно, что вошла в силу при дворе Мохаммед-Шаха раньше, чем Король-Дракон. Но, видимо, где-то между 1739 и смертью Мохаммед-Шаха была им от трона отодвинута. Или попросту съедена, чтобы не мешалась.