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Debian-cosy repository

Debian-cosy is a repository of unofficial debian packages, mostly made by Victor Wagner and Artem Chuprina. There can be also packages from other people.

Release file of this repository is signed by this GPG key.

Jessie distribution

deb jessie  main contrib
deb-src jessie main contrib
Supported architectures i386 amd64 armhf


Supported architectures i386 amd64 armhf


Are not supported by Debian-cosy

sarge, etch, lenny

Only i386 architecture is supported. But feel free to try to rebuild packages on any other architecture.

Maemo-cosy repository

Maemo-cosy is repository of my packages for Nokia 770/N800/N810. Currently only bora version of maemo (N800) is supported, but it might change.

Release files of this repository are signed by same GPG key as debian-cosy.

Repository consists of following secitions:

Rebuilds of debian packages for Nokia handhelds. No sources are provided, because unmodified Debian sources were used. (it would be mostly text-mode and command-line programs, because GUI programs would probably need some tweaking. Packages from this section typically need red pill mode enabled on the tablet to install.
Ports of various Linux software to Nokia.
Our modification of software written for maemo or ported to maemo by someone else
Software written by someone of debian-cosy developers

Archives of Debian-russian mailing list

Archives in mailbox format since 2005 are available directory of archives