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X title is very simple shell script, which allows to change title of Xterm window (just outputting proper escape sequence). It can change title of window:
  • It is running from (default)
  • given as pseudo-tty name in command line
  • where given command is running
script itself


xtitle [ -t tty|-c command] [-i|-w|-f] title
-t /dev/pts/N
specifies tty associated with xterm to change
-c someprogram
specifies command running in this xterm
notifies, that only icon name should be changed
that window name only, not the icon name should be changed (default - both)
changes font instead of title. If you are specifying XLFD font name, which start with hyphen, use -- to separate it from options
raises/deiconifies window instead of changing name

BringUp script

This script brings up an xterm window with given command running, i.e launches new one, if no is executed, or finds exisiting and raises/deiconifies it.



	bringup Title command [parameters]
Note that only command name is taking into account when searching for existing running program, not parameters.