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Dos port of Tcl

This is port of Tcl programming language for DOS.

It is based on non-yet released 8.5 version of Tcl.

Port is almost fully-functional with one notable exception - there is no support for running external programs from Tcl script - i.e. exec command and open "|command" do not work.

It is possible to implement most of exec functionality (except background execution and event-driven pipes) under DOS, but I haven't yet found time to do it.

Port includes Waterloo TCP library, so socket command does work if you have suitable packet driver on your system.

Dynamic loading should work because DJGPP 2.05 implements dlopen function, but is not tested much.

Ck interfaces do not support mouse. It is limitation of PDCurses toolkit.

Runtime package

tcldos85.zip Includes two executables - tclsh.exe and cwsh.exe, neccessary script libraries and manual pages. You need CWSDPMI.EXE to run executables and DJGPP man program to view documentation.

Development package

(offline now) Includes libraries and header files, neccessary to build custom Tcl shells and extensions using DJGPP C compiler. Script libraries from runtime packages are requied to run build executables.


Sources of DOS-specific parts of Tcl can be found on Tcl sourceforge CVS repository in the contrib/djgpp directory.

Sources of Ck toolkit are available on this site.