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Catdoc changelog

0.95 May 25 2016
Replaced charset tables with new ones, published by Unicode Consortium with more permissive license. Fixed some incompatibilities with CLang Fixed lot of segfaults on incorrect or corrupted data Use stdint int types throughout the code, add configure check for stdint.h
0.94.2 Feb 25 2005
Now ole Root Entry is searched by entry type rather than by name. It is better fix for same problem which was fixed in 0.94.1. Fixed building of catppt postscript docs. It might be not qualify for release, but since I've lost archives and have no hope of recreating distribution with same SHA1 sum from working copy of repository which was left, I prefer to make new release.
0.94.1 Feb 09 2006
Fixed some problems with OLE parsing. Fixed some issues with codepage search introduced in the 0.94. Fixed negative record length in ppt files.
0.94 May 02 2005
Added catppt utility to process powerpoint files. Now xls2csv proprerly recognizes Mac and other codepages which Microsoft refers by numbers and other world by names. Support ansicpg command in RTF. Also lot of small bug fixes
0.93.4 Sep 30 2004. Wedding release.
After about a year of existence of version 0.93.3 numerous bug reports was send to me and incorporated into CVS. So it is time to release new one. Fixed lot of bugs concerning rtf parser and xls3csv. Added ability to define customizable page separator for multipage spreadsheets and command line switch to specify desired maximal precission of floating point numbers (default now is output as many digits as it is). Also fixed bug with reading pre-OLE word/write files and text files (Debian bug #255625).
0.93.3 Nov 15 2003
It was planned as feature release. It has support for Excel Date formatting, output of blank cells and help window in wordview. Unfortunately, during its development important bug was found in ole parser code. So I have to publish this release real soon after previous
0.93.2 Nov 14 2003
Improved performance of OLE parser, fixed problems with unicode chars 0xFF00-0xFFFF in catdoc, rewrite wordview for unicode-aware version of Tcl, with support of displaying text in language different from current locale. Reworked autoconf configuration.
0.93.1 Sep 24 2003
Fixed numerous bugs in newer OLE and RTF code, including problem with incorrectly interpreting last (incomplete) 256-byte block of text as Unicode. Restored support for pre-OLE Word versions, which was accidently lost in 0.93
0.93 July 29 2003
Added proper handling of OLE structure (by Alex Ott).
0.92 June 16 2003
Added RTF parser at last (contributed by Alex Ott). MS-DOS executable for xls2csv is included. Some code clean up and splitting.
0.91.6 May 24 2003
Added autodetect of output charset from current locale. Fixed handling of RK and MULRK records in xls2csv. No more missing numbers. Fixed long-standing bug with loosing of first 8 symbols when recoding text file. I finally began to provide MS-DOS executables for 0.91.x series
0.91.5 January 30 2002
I finally got to catdoc again. UTF-8 output is added. Just specify utf-8 as output charset.
0.91.4 December 30 1999
Fixed important bug in xls2csv - improper recognition of numeric cells (as opposed to formula). Fixed segfault when catdoc is used to recode plain text files.
0.91.3 December 14 1999
Mainly xls2csv fixes - xls2csv now recognizes some options (man page is in sync), added endianess check to configure, so xls2csv compilies correctly out of the box on big-endian machines
0.91.2 October 19 1999
This is first verison which includes xls2csv program. Also, some long-standed bugs are fixed and newly-introduced bug when catdoc hangs on broken files. Although these files are not read properly without -b switch. New charset koi8-u is added to distribution. If you want to use it in the stable version, just download it from here and put in the catdoc library directory.

New switch -l is added. It causes catdoc to list available charsets in current charset path.

0.91.1 October 15 1999
As it was expected it was wrong decision to believe information about extended charset from word document header. Now we analyze encoding for each 256-byte page separately (becouse it is possible that first ones would be 8-bit and other 16-bit). When processing non-word files (i.e. plain text) encodings are converted and -u is taken into account, so catdoc can be used as generic character converter, which supports utf8 and utf16 (both byteorders) as input.
0.91.0 October 12 1999
Implemented new format analyzis. Now most versions of word format as well as MS-Write and rtf are detected. Boundaries of main text stream are also detected, so no more garbage is produced at the end of file
0.90.3 August 11 1999
Fixed small OS-specific bugs - broken isspace in Turbo C under DOS and %x was replaced %i for compatibility with SunOS 4.
0.90.2 May 24 1999
Artem Chuprina pointed out to segfault error when non-existent charset is specified in command line. It turned out to be silly bug in check_charset function with oneline fix. You can get one-line patch.
0.90.1 Nov 26 1998
Duncan Simpson pointed out to numerous places in catdoc source where paranoid sysadmin could suspect buffer overflow. They was investigated and either rewritten or commented why they are safe. Also fixed minor bug in Makefile (make args are now propagated to subdirs) and wordview (saving files now works).
0.90 Oct 29 1998
Fixed bug with redeclaring source_csname and target_csname in main. Fixed bug in configure when dealing with wish 8.0.3. Catdoc considered stable enough to be released.
0.90b5 Oct 14 1998
Fixed handling of 0x1F char (soft hyphen in Word 6.0), now it is translated to 0x00AD (unicode soft hyphen) Fixed permissions for manual page Added --with-install-root configure arg to simplify building of binary packages.
0.90b4 September 17 1998
Added proper configuration of library dir in wordview. Added --disable-charset-check config option Added 0x2026 symbol in ascii.rpl Added more Windows codepages in distribution
0.90b3 September 11 1998
added -x option to simplify debugging of substitution maps
0.90b2 September 10 1998
Added replacement sequences for some special charachers which present in cp1251 and cp1252. Fixed some filename-handling problems in wordview
0.90b1 September 8 1998
Added cyrillic transliteration into ascii.replchars fixed some bugs in configuration. Added us-ascii output charset.
0.90a3 September 7 1998
Fixed small bug in table handling, which caused catdoc to output extra column delimiter just before row delimiter. Added autoconf configuration. install is back, although not for charsets
0.90a2 August 18 1998
version 0.90 was tested on BSDI and Solaris platform. Makefile was rewritten to avoid use of highly incompatible /usr/{ucb,bin}/install
0.90a1 August 13 1998
Catdoc undergone major rewrite. Now it has proper charset handling, including UNICODE and runtime configurability.
0.35 - June 5 1998
Fixed bug with -s switch which prevents catdoc from returning non-zero code when invoked on UNIX text file
0.34 - Apr 28 1998
Files now opened in binary mode thus allowing catdoc to work on DOS and simular systems. All specs arrays now have terminating NULL
0.33 - October 1997
Fixed missing terminating NUL in specs array, which caused random seqfaults on Linux and many other systems, because specs is searched by strchr fynction
0.32 - August 1997
First mayor public release, uploaded to CTAN. Tk interface appeared, manual page was written. Unfortunately, this release was buggy.
0.1 - 10 Dec 1996
First release can be traced. It was posted to comp.lang.development.apps