Reviews and Opinions

Here are some feedbacks for my phanphiction. Thanks to all who told their opinions!

From Dany:


Ohhhhhhhh, I loved it!!!!!! I just wanted sooo much to hug Erik, to tell him it was alright, it was such a sweeet story! Btw, your writing and your English are fantastic!!! Even if what you were writing about was not interesting at all, you make it come across in a really rare depth and perfecionism! But I can't lie - I can hardly think of someone who has closer views on Erik as similar to mine, which only added to make it more dreaming! ;-)) I totally agree and love how you portrait him, as a human, as a person, no "fallen flawless angel", with all this dilemmas and twisted logic, but inteligence and a man with its needs, being sweet and not mushy.....And your Christine was very interesting too, not fakely loving him deeply and immediately simply cause she had to, but instead fighting with her own fears and learing how to love him.........Marvellous!

"The one where Erik died"

Fantastic the concept. I love how you point out so clearly that Erik is no more a murderer than she is, leaving him you portraited Raoul, being limited, perhaps, but with a good heart and loving her dearly. And especially and above all, how two people can have a perfectly real and strong connection without it necessarely being related to physical presence. Very sweet how Erik lived on her even after his death.

"His diary"

It is fantastic, very dense and dark as it is supposed to be! I like very much the "corridor of mirrors" metaphor, and the playing with the idea of an angel who can only love through his mind and voice, opposed to a man like Raoul and her fans who have body and hands to offer her.

From Lori Herter (yes, the real writer!):

I just finished reading Irene's phanphic, the Phantom's Diary. The ending is wonderful. Everyone should check this out! You'll find out what happened to Christine, and there's a surprise appearance by someone else (bet ya can't guess!). Irene's writing is very mystical, magical and ephemeral. Lots of emotion. It takes a while to read it, as it covers the whole story based on Leroux's book, with shades of ALW, but the ending is worth it! Thanks, Irene, for letting us know. I'm looking forward to reading Matter of Honor.

I had a chance today to read Irene's second phanphic, titled The Matter of Honour. I enjoyed this one, too. It's a fantasy about Christine choosing to stay with the Phantom instead of Raoul, and what their relationship together was like. Irene really has a marvelous imagination and a lot of empathy for her characters. And this story hints how the ending of her other story, The Phantom of the Opera's Diary, might have been possible.

If you haven't read the Phantom's Diary yet, I hope you will. I printed it out (I hope that's okay, Irene) and it is 29 pages long. It's worth reading, but we Americans, sadly, are always so busy. If you're pressed for time, I'd like to suggest reading the last 5 pages so as not to miss out on her delightful ending. She has divided the story into sections. Scroll down to the section that's called "M. Renier's narrative." This tells what happens after the Phantom has died (according to the Leroux version) and Mr. Renier has the diary. He meets Christine, who is now 70. The last section, titled "Christine's story" has a special twist that any fan of Michael (or Michel, as the French would say) should particularly enjoy. When I read it, it certainly made me smile.

From FdeLO (the translation from Français by me):

I haven't finished reading yet, but I want to tell you that this is very well written. Have you read Susan Kay or d'Arcy? This two writers didn't manage to write about Erik's torments like you did.

The idea of a diary is good... That's right that when there's no one to talk to people do it on paper... I knew that too!!!*lol*

I like all the sensuality needed for Erik very much... It must haven't been easy for you to 'put on a man's shoes', a man like Erik, and to try to feel what he must have felt...

And I also would like to tell you that I liked this sort of double personality very much. When Erik founds himself confronted by his own image... Don Juan Triumphant... as if he didn't know very well both who he was and what he was.

This vision of mirrors is also very beautiful. Eyes are soul mirrors. I like very much all the metaphores and double meanings which you write... Erik is really very charismatic...

I hated to finish to read you... Bravo!

"It's never too late".... I liked very much Raoul's behaviour: he is somehow afraid of music... and the fact that Christine sings again frightens him.

Erik...ah...Erik, yes...*lol*This is a very mysterious story, almost fantastic. In fact, the reader doesn't know if Christine dreams or Erik is really present.

I liked much that Erik stays a little timid, like a child, hidden in the dark, with his back turned... This is the attitude that I admire.

You gave him a grand personality and undeniable professionalism... He comes to Christine as a phantom, but mainly as her devoted teacher.

I think that this story resemble mine a little...

('The Matter of Honor'): In this story, you gave Christine an advantage. I want to say that this is she who shows herself strong and speaks about honor. "Why do you ask?" Erik often says this phrase. I find that this gives a little humour, but at the same time, this shows that the maestro never got used to what was going on with him.

Christine teaches him all... and about Love. You told me that I've always respected the character and didn't show any intimity. You have the same respect in your texts... this is a good thing, and this only makes Erik more magnificient.

From Inge:

I have read your POTO stories (3 of them) and I think you are a talented writer. I like how you tell the stories. in "The Diary of Phantom of The Opera", there is a part titled (I forget the title, I left it at home, something with Pain. About Erik and a monster from the mirror that always follows him) oh it is so wonderful. I like the diary, but I don't like the rest of the stories. You know who I am. I am a Raoul supporter. How can you make Raoul forbids Christine to sing, forbids their children to sing? He grows up with Christine, loves the Little Lotte story and plays violin. It doesn't make sense if you made him hate music after the tragedy. Alright, I am a chatter box. I will stop now.

Just several words from someone, I can't find from whom (would like to know):

Irene...your Phan Phic blew me away! A full blown treatment would put Susan Kay's work to shame. (I'm telling the truth!)